10 Ways to Use Web3 Domains

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The rapid evolution of the internet has brought in a transformative era. The coming of Web3 domains prominently highlights the emergence of blockchain technology. These domains stand out as a significant advancement in the decentralised web and cryptocurrency realms.

Web3 domains operate on blockchain technology, offering a transparent and secure platform for transactions while removing the need for intermediaries. This technology holds immense promise in revolutionising our online engagements by delivering various advantages like:

  1. Heightened security

  2. Enhanced privacy

  3. Greater control over our digital assets and data.

By enabling ownership of online identities and assets, Web3 domains facilitate seamless participation in decentralised peer-to-peer transactions. As we embrace this new phase of the internet, the influence of Web3 domains is poised to be substantial. It has fundamentally reshaped our online interactions.

Within this article, we'll delve into the top ten ways in which Web3 domains can transform and enhance your online experience.

Understanding  Web3 Domains

Web3 domains signify a fundamental departure from traditional internet usage. However, what exactly are they? In this section, we will be looking at what the Web3 domain is, how it works and the market growth in 2023.

About Web3 Domains

A Web3 domain represents a unique domain name system (DNS) specifically made for decentralised networks such as Ethereum, Legoland, Solana, and Aptos blockchains. Unlike conventional domains, Web3 domains are registered, managed, and overseen within decentralised networks.

For instance, instead of a typical URL like "www.gate.com," a Web3 domain might manifest as "gate.crypto." The basic distinction lies in their registration and ownership, which is recorded on a blockchain. Basically, it provides security and decentralisation.

A Web3 domain acts as an entry point to access websites and decentralised applications through a DNS system. They are non-fungible, often referred to as NFT domains. Their creation takes place through blockchain technology.

How do Web3 Domains Work?

The mechanism which Web3 domains work within involves three primary entities:

  1. Registrars

  2. The Registry

  3. The Resolver

These entities together facilitate the use of Web3 domains within decentralised systems, enhancing user functionality.

  1. Registrars: Users interact with them to secure unique, easily readable names for their Web3 domains.

  2. Registry: They administer and store the registered domain names. Basically, they ensure their integrity and accessibility within the decentralised network.

  3. Resolver: Responsible for translating the user-friendly domain name into the appropriate blockchain address. That provides seamless access to the intended content or application.

Web3 domains improve security and provide a user-friendly interface in blockchain technology by utilising these interconnected entities. The decentralised structure of Web3 domains alters our perception of internet addresses while also increasing ownership and security.

Market Growth and Projections 2023

The global Web3 domain market, valued at $3.2 billion in 2021, is expected to grow significantly in 2023 and beyond. The growing number of decentralised applications, increased adoption of blockchain technology, and the maturation of associated ecosystems are all key factors driving this growth. Furthermore, a diverse range of industries adopting Web3 principles and technology are expected to contribute to its rapid growth.

According to the World Economic Forum, Web3 continues to evolve. It is progressing from its early stages to a point where policy frameworks, decentralised applications, asset tokenization, and mainstream adoption all come together. 

The year 2024 is expected to be a turning point in the integration of decentralised technologies into various aspects of our global economy and societal structures. As innovation increases and consumers get around to understanding regulations. Additionally, the growing Web3 industry promises transformative changes in how we interact with digital platforms and assets.

Good examples of changing trends are companies such as Starbucks. They have launched NFT-based rewards programs, signalling the integration of Web3 into traditional businesses. Furthermore, Web3 use cases such as Helium are gaining popularity, demonstrating the technology's growing scope and acceptance.

Ten Ways to Use Web3 Domains

Tired of dealing with complicated website addresses or user IDs? The internet is on the verge of a transformation. It promises a more seamless online experience. Traditional website domains, such as .com and .org, are gradually giving way to Web3 domains.

Web3 domains have emerged as powerful tools for easily managing online identities and cryptocurrencies. They eliminate the need to memorise complex addresses or user IDs. This is being done by providing a direct approach to managing your crypto assets and creating a digital identity. Now, let's look at the ways you can use these domains!

Simplified Crypto Transactions

Web3 domains can make it easier to receive cryptocurrency payments by replacing long wallet addresses with simple names. With a human-readable name like john.crypto, sending and receiving money is simple. Transactions using cryptocurrencies are now more widely accessible. It also eliminates the need to copy and paste long addresses or scan QR codes, making the process faster and easier.

Build Your Decentralised Identity

Web3 domains create a distinct digital identity and serve as a gateway to the Web3 realm. Linking social media profiles, NFTs, and dApps to your domain is a secure way to showcase your online presence. This unified identity allows for seamless interaction and discovery across multiple platforms. By consolidating your online presence into a single, secure domain, you improve accessibility for others, allowing for easier interaction and engagement.

Access dApps with Ease

Web3 domains can make it easier to access decentralised applications by giving you a memorable name to use to access your favourite dApps. For example, instead of complex URLs, use names like art.nft or play.game to easily access your favourite dApp. This would allow access to the applications with a single click, making the process faster and easier.

Host Web3 Websites

Web3 domains can be used to host decentralised websites on blockchain networks. This provides increased security, data ownership, and resistance to censorship. Breaking free from the constraints of centralised web hosting allows you to create more secure websites with greater control over personal data. Essentially, it means that the user has complete control over the website, and data cannot be tampered with or censored.

Streamline NFT Management

Web3 domains can serve as a centralised location for managing your NFT collections. In other words, you are making it easy to highlight the collection and use it for:

  1. Bids

  2. Ownership transfers

  3. Engaging with NFT communities

You can streamline the management of NFT collections, saving time and effort. This means:

  1. You can easily showcase your collection

  2. Manage it efficiently without having to go through multiple platforms

Create a Universal Login

Web3 domains can be used as a universal login across multiple platforms, increasing convenience and security in the Web3 environment. With a single login, you can:

  1. Save effort

  2. Save Time

  3. Decrease the risk of identity fraud or theft

This means you can have a single login that works across multiple platforms. The user removes the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Earn From Your Domain

Web3 domains can be monetised by leasing them to businesses or enabling microtransactions on a domain-linked website. Your digital name can be a valuable asset in the Web3 economy. This would result in a passive income stream. Essentially, you earn money by leasing your domain to businesses or implementing microtransactions on your website.

Foster Community and Collaboration

Web3 domains can be used to build vibrant communities through:

  1. Shared interests

  2. Hosting events

  3. Discussions

  4. Collaborations under a community domain

Fostering a sense of belonging in a decentralised world can lead to innovative collaboration. This means you can form communities with shared interests and work toward a common goal.

Invest in the Future

Owning a Web3 domain represents an investment in the internet's future. As Web3 adoption increases, the value of these names will rise. This is similar to what occurred in the early days of.com domains. You can make long-term investments and potentially earn significant returns. This means that you can invest in Web3 domains and potentially earn significant returns as their value rises.

Claim Your Piece of the Decentralised Web

By owning a Web3 domain, you contribute to a user-friendly, secure, and equitable internet. Selecting a domain that corresponds to your interests allows you to help shape the Web3 landscape. Owning a Web3 domain that reflects your interests allows you to contribute to the evolution and shape of the decentralised web.


Web3 domains provide a new way to interact with the decentralised web and cryptocurrencies, bringing previously unimaginable benefits. Web3 domains can help us navigate the decentralised world more efficiently and securely by simplifying crypto transactions and hosting decentralised websites. Owning a Web3 domain allows you to help create a more equitable, user-friendly, and secure internet for everyone. As a result, it is worthwhile to consider investing in a Web3 domain and exploring the potential of this emerging technology.

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