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Why you need to own a web3 domain name

Create a memorable online identity with a Web3 domain

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Seamless Interactions

Web3 domains offer user-friendly experiences, allowing users to link a single unique name with multiple wallet addresses, simplifying access and interactions with decentralized applications.

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Establish Your Identity

Blockchain domains create a distinctive and easily recognizable identity for individuals and DApps, providing an outstanding online presence within the Web3 ecosystem.

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Complete Ownership and Control

Web3 domain names grant decentralized ownership, enabling users to transfer, publish, or update ownership records without central authorities.

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Diverse Web3 TLDs Selection

Endless Domains offers a wide variety of blockchain top-level domains to choose from, including .eth, .arb, .tez, .sol, .bnb, .polygon, and many more.


Easy-to-Use Interface

The Endless Domains interface is easy to use and navigate. You can register and manage your domain in just a few clicks.


Exclusive offers & Deals

Endless Domains often shares gift coupons and promo codes to make your domain acquisition even more rewarding with added value.


Excellent Customer Support

Endless Domains offers expert customer assistance and guidance. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact our support team via live chat or email.

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Harness Your Web3 Identity

Discover strategies to make the most of your Web3 identity

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Domain Management and Transfer

Easily manage domains through our user-friendly dashboard, track your digital identity, and enjoy the domain parking and transfer features.

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Premium Domain Listings

At EndlessDomains, access Web3 domains with popular keywords, phrases, and premium pricing, and buy expired unrenewed domain names.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Web3 Domain

How do Web3 domains differ from traditional domains?

Web3 domains are stored on a decentralized network, providing increased security, resistance to censorship, and immutability. They enable users to have full ownership and control over their online presence, unlike Web2 domain names, which are controlled by centralized domain registrars and organizations. Moreover, Web3 domains facilitate smoother integrations with decentralized apps (DApps) and services, aligning with the broader blockchain technology ecosystem. Web3 domain names can enhance trust and authenticity in digital interactions due to the blockchain’s transparency. This sets a new standard for establishing and maintaining our digital footprints.

Can I transfer my existing domain to a Web3 domain?

The transfer of traditional domains such as .com, .org, .net, .inc, .io, and more to Web3 domains is not possible. Web3 domains are unique to the decentralized internet and require a separate registration process. These are based on blockchain technology and operate on a different infrastructure from traditional domain names in the centralized DNS system. To create a presence on the decentralized web, you must register a new Web3 domain via a decentralized registrar. This process involves choosing a suitable Web3 domain name, checking its availability, and registering it using cryptocurrency.

Why do I need a Web3 domain name?

A Web3 domain name presents numerous benefits. By granting you complete ownership and authority over your online identity and assets, it eliminates the need for centralized authorities. It also facilitates seamless integration with a diverse range of decentralized applications and services. Additionally, Web3 domains are built on blockchain technology, ensuring enhanced security and resistance to censorship, which is crucial in today’s digital landscape. This decentralized nature provides security and autonomy not typically available with traditional domain names. Moreover, Web3 domains offer a user-friendly approach to conducting transactions in crypto, allowing for easy sending and receiving of various cryptocurrencies.

Are Web3 domains compatible with all blockchain protocols?

Web3 domains can integrate with various blockchain protocols, enabling seamless access to decentralized applications and services. However, compatibility may vary depending on the specific blockchain and its associated infrastructure. While many Web3 domains are designed to be flexible and interoperable with a range of blockchains, there might be limitations based on the technical specifications and compatibilities of each blockchain protocol. It is important to research and understand the compatibility of your chosen Web3 domain with the blockchain protocols you intend to use.

Can I buy Web3 domain names from different domain providers at a time?

No, you can only select and check out Web3 TLDs from the same domain provider. For example, you can select both .eth and .crypto domain extensions for purchase at once, but the payment process wouldn’t be successful since the domains must belong to the same provider. This limitation is due to how Web3 domain providers operate, each managing their specific domain extensions on their respective blockchain networks. Therefore, when purchasing multiple Web3 domains, it’s essential to complete transactions for each provider separately. This process ensures that each domain is properly registered and linked to the correct blockchain protocol, maintaining the integrity and functionality of your Web3 domains.

How do I register a Web3 domain name?

To register a Web3 domain name, start by selecting a Web3 domain registrar that offers the domain extension you are interested in (like .eth, .crypto, etc.). Check if your desired domain name is available by using the search tool on the registrar’s website. If it is available, register it by following the on-screen instructions, which typically involve connecting a digital wallet and completing the cryptocurrency transaction. After the confirmation of the transaction, you will have full ownership of the domain, with the ability to link it to your decentralized applications or use it as a wallet address.

Which Web3 domain extension is the best?

The best Web3 domain extension largely depends on your needs and the intended use of the domain. Popular options include ‘.eth’ and ‘.crypto’. If you prioritize seamless integration with the Ethereum blockchain and its ecosystem, ‘.eth’ is preferable. However, if you’re looking for broader blockchain compatibility and a focus on crypto transactions, ‘.crypto’ is more suitable. Ultimately, the ideal choice hinges on your requirements, such as the type of projects you’re involved in, the blockchain networks you use, and how you plan to use your Web3 domain.

What security measures should I take with my Web3 domains?

The primary focus for securing your Web3 domain should be safeguarding your digital wallet linked to your domain ownership. Use a reputable wallet with robust security features, and enable two-factor authentication if available. It is crucial to store your private keys and recovery phrases securely - they are the only way to access your domain and wallet, and losing them could mean losing access to your digital assets. Avoid sharing these details with anyone, and consider using offline storage methods for added security. Regularly update your wallet software and follow best practices for digital security to protect your Web3 domain.

How can I sell or transfer my Web3 domain to someone else?

Selling or transferring a Web3 domain to someone else involves a few key steps. First, you must locate a buyer or have the recipient’s cryptocurrency wallet address. The transfer process is typically conducted through the platform or service where you registered your domain. You can initiate the transfer on these platforms by entering the recipient’s wallet address and confirming the transaction. For selling, you can list your domain on a marketplace that supports Web3 domains or conduct a private sale, where payment and domain transfer details are arranged directly with the buyer. Once the transfer is confirmed on the blockchain, domain ownership will be successfully passed to the new owner.

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