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What is a .sol domain?

.sol domains are decentralized and use blockchain technology to solve the problem of centralized domain ownership. Solana naming service (SNS) by Bonfida offers .sol domains for users on the Solana blockchain. They are also an easy-to-remember alternative to traditional Solana wallet addresses. Registering a .sol domain can also be beneficial for brands and projects within the Solana ecosystem.

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Unlimited subdomain

Expand your presence with unlimited free subdomains under your primary .sol domain.


Anonymous Transaction

Privately transact and receive funds using your .sol domain without exposing sensitive information.


Multi-blockchain support

Seamlessly link your .sol domain across multiple blockchains, enhancing its accessibility and versatility


No renewal fees

Secure your .sol domain with a one-time purchase fee. No annual renewal fees are required.

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Install a crypto wallet
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Domain Investing

Seize opportunities to maximize your returns and grow your portfolio in the ever-evolving domain market by participating in our bidding, auctions, and premium domain trading.

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Domain Parking

By making your domains accessible online, you not only increase your chances of selling faster but also capitalize on ad-generated revenue, enhancing your domain's overall value.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I buy .sol domains?

The process to buy .sol domains is straightforward. Search for your desired name or visit our marketplace that offers premium .sol domains, and complete the purchase with supported payment methods. Once purchased, the domain is yours. In addition, after acquiring your .sol domain name, you can leverage the distinctive features of the Solana blockchain for your website or digital identity. The .sol domain signifies your presence in the Solana ecosystem and offers enhanced security and efficiency in transactions. Utilize your .sol domain to establish a distinct and modern digital footprint in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

How do I receive payments with a .sol domain?

To receive payments, simply share your .sol domain as your wallet address. When someone sends cryptocurrency to your domain, it reaches your wallet. This process makes transactions easier, as your .sol domain is a more memorable and user-friendly alternative to traditional lengthy cryptocurrency addresses. Using a Solana domain, you can streamline receiving digital currency payments, enhancing convenience and security. Whether conducting personal transactions, running a business, or accepting donations, your .sol domain name offers a seamless way to manage and receive payments on the Solana blockchain. This ensures a smooth and efficient digital currency experience.

How do I host a website with a .sol domain?

To host a website with a .sol domain, you need to store your website's content on a decentralized storage provider such as IPFS or Fleek, and then link the hash of the uploaded files to your domain name. This method leverages the decentralized nature of the blockchain, providing a secure and resilient hosting environment. Using a Solana domain in conjunction with decentralized storage solutions ensures the integrity and security of your website's data. Hosting your website this way with a .sol domain name can significantly enhance its performance and uptime, giving your site an edge in reliability and user experience.

How do I sell my .sol top-level domains?

Selling .sol domains involves listing them on our marketplace or parking your domain name, where interested buyers can find and purchase them. Once the transfer process is complete, ownership of the domain is transferred to the buyer. To effectively sell your .sol domain, it is important to highlight its unique features and potential applications, especially given the growing interest in the Solana ecosystem. Consider setting a competitive price and providing a detailed description to attract the right buyers. Our marketplace offers a secure platform for the transaction, ensuring a smooth transfer of the Solana domain and protecting both the seller and the buyer throughout the process.

What happens if I fail to renew my .sol domains?

.sol domains are typically non-renewable. Once purchased, they do not require annual renewal fees. This unique aspect means that when you register sol domains, it is a one-time process without the need for ongoing renewals. It provides a significant advantage, eliminating the worry of losing your domain due to missed renewal deadlines. However, it is essential to stay informed about changes in policies regarding .sol domains. While the current model does not require renewals, keeping abreast of updates ensures you maintain uninterrupted ownership and use of your Solana domain.

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