What is Parked Domain ?

A parked domain is a registered but unused domain name. It can be used for generating income through ads, safeguarding the domain name for future resale, or redirecting traffic to another site to boost the brand visibility.

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Parked Your Domain

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Register a domain name

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Set up domain parking

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Customize your parked domain

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Why should you park a web3 domain?

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Generate income by earning a commission for each click on advertisements or affiliate links displayed on your parked web3 domains.

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Domain Reservation

Secure and retain ownership of valuable domain names, protecting them from being acquired by others.

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Drive Traffic

Increase the visibility of your domains, attracting potential buyers and enhancing the opportunity to sell your digital identity at a more favorable price.

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Domain Speculation

Identify and acquire Web3 domain names that are likely to be valuable in the future or can be sold at a higher price.

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Future Development

Buy and keep exceptional domain names for your future project ideas.

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Redirects and Branding

Redirect traffic from your parked domain name to a live website and keep a consistent brand identity.

How Domain Parking Works

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Domain parking keeps your web3 domains active, preventing blank pages for visitors and generating passive income from unused names. By redirecting your domain to a custom page with ads, you earn revenue based on ad clicks from visitors. It also safeguards your ideal domain names from being taken.

When you park a domain name, you typically redirect it to a custom web page that displays your contact information and relevant advertisements. These advertisements can be generated by a variety of web3 projects and companies, and the amount of revenue you earn will depend on the number of people who click on the ads.

Customer Experiences

Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a parked domain name?

Yes, you can purchase a parked domain name. You will need to contact the Web3 domain owner to negotiate a sale or look up the domain name in our marketplace.

How many domain names can I park and for how long?

You can park an unlimited number of domains on Endless Domains. The length of time that you can park a domain varies, but it is typically one year or more.

How do I unpark a parked domain?

To unpack a parked domain, you will need to log in to your Endless Domains account and change the settings for the domain name. For further assistance, reach out to us at [email protected].

Are there any additional cost associated with domain parking?

Yes, you will be charged a small amount of gas fees to publish your parked domain content on IPFS decentralized hosting.

What happens if I don't renew my parked domain?

If you do not renew your renewable parked domain, it will expire and become available for registration by someone else. You will lose any revenue that you were generating from the domain.

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