Web3 Domains: Transforming Startups' Online Presence and Credibility

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The advent of the decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms in the latter part of the 2010s signified a noteworthy advancement in Web3 domains. With a rapid and dramatic rise of DeFi, whose market capitalization went from a meager $700 million at the beginning of 2020 to an impressive $15 billion by the end of the year, the web3 domains experienced a new high. 

By bringing conventional financial functions to the blockchain, such as borrowing, lending, and trading, DeFi showed off the possibilities of permissionless, decentralized finance. As the Web3 ecosystem grew, interoperability started becoming essential. 

In this blog, we will look at the Web3 domain impact and try to understand the future of these domains and the benefits they hold for startups/businesses. 

But first, what are web3 domains? Let's find out!

Decoding Web3 Domains

Web3 domains, a.k.a NFT domains, are a brand-new class of internet domains created with blockchain and smart contract technology, and they function similarly to domain name systems (DNS). Rather than being owned and controlled by centralized organizations, Web3 domain names are administered by decentralized domain registrars and empower the users with increased data control.

So, what is the web3 domain impact?

Impact of Web3 Domains:

Web3 domains emerge as transformative assets in the rapidly changing digital ecosystem, offering numerous benefits for startups/businesses. Today, the impact of these domains on the blockchain industry is quite similar to that of an iPhone in the telecom industry. Web3 domains are revolutionizing the dynamics of financial transactions, enabling smooth, safe, and effective cryptocurrency exchanges. This transformation could democratize the availability of financial services, allowing individuals with internet access to participate in the worldwide financial ecosystem. 

Steady progress in the Web3 domain has pushed the global community to embrace cryptocurrencies and associated technologies. As the center for developing talent, India, with its strong IT infrastructure, is driving the Web3 movement. According to the experts, Web3 domains can create a remarkable market expansion from the existing $370 trillion to an impressive $550 trillion.

How do Web3 Domains Operate?

Let us now understand how web3 domains operate:


  • Web3 domains connect a domain name to a particular Ethereum blockchain smart contract address.

  • Using a human-readable domain name, users can now access decentralized resources on the web, such as cryptocurrency wallets, decentralized apps, smart contracts, and more.

  • The smart contract includes a mapping from the web3 domain to the smart contract addresses.

  • The application will query the smart contract to retrieve the related smart contract address when a user types a web3 URL into a decentralized service. 

  • After locating the address, the user can communicate with the smart contract and utilize the decentralized good or service.

How Web3 Domains Are Transforming Startups

Web3 startups in India attracted a total of $1.3 billion in investments in 2022. This demonstrates a growing global interest in web3 domains and highlights the potential of web3 and blockchain technologies in revolutionizing startups. So, what are the benefits for Startups/businesses in this era of web3? Let's find out:

Increased Interaction with Users:

One of the major benefits for Startups/businesses that use Web3 domains to interact with Bitcoin transactions is the increased user interaction in a more convenient and approachable way. This, in turn, increases user engagement, and the streamlined address format enhances the user experience.

Trust and Brand Recognition:

Startups can increase confidence and brand awareness by linking their Bitcoin wallet to an unforgettable Web3 domain. This domain, readable by humans, is a unique identifier, enhancing the startup's online reputation.

Streamlined Transactions:

Web3 domains simplify transactions for entrepreneurs, particularly when working with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The streamlined address-sharing procedure reduces transaction friction, increasing the business's and its users' efficiency.

Global Accessibility:

One of the major benefits for Startups/businesses offered by Web3 domains is worldwide accessibility. Given that the user-friendly domain format is universal, this is especially beneficial for companies that operate globally.

Novelty & Distinctiveness:

Accepting Web3 domains demonstrates a startup's creativity and technological agility. This can differentiate the company from rivals and establish it as a progressive participant in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

User Acquisition and Marketing:

A startup's marketing plan must include using a memorable Web3 domain. It becomes a useful tool for gaining new users, drawing in those who value the simplicity and user-centric design of a startup's bitcoin services.

Safety and Reliability:

Connecting a Web3 domain to an Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency wallet adds protection. This added protection is a benefit for startups/businesses as customers perceive the company to be more reliable, which would help them build a solid reputation in the industry. 

Opportunities Unfolded: Brands in the Web3 Era

Web3 domains impact a brand in several ways. With cutting-edge technology, these domains give their clients a distinctive and creative digital experience. Here are some opportunities for startups and businesses in the evolving era of Web3 domains:

Brand Promotion and Engagement

Web3 domains give businesses a strong tool to enhance their brand identity and interact with their audience. Brands may build decentralized websites that provide customers with customized experiences on their Web3 domains.

For instance, companies can design engaging and interactive websites that let users explore their goods or services virtually and participate in community-driven events. It also offers other benefits for startups/businesses, allowing them to collaborate on content creation. Increased audience connection leads to devoted brand supporters.

Enhanced Data Management for Customers

As consumer data is decentralized and unchangeable on the blockchain, Web3 domains provide brands complete control over that data. They can share or remove access as and when they like, enabling brands to adopt more transparent and secure data management policies.

Thus, by guaranteeing data privacy and security and enabling the brands to be open and honest about how their data is being handled, the web3 domain's impact is far more than one can imagine when generating customers' trust.

Digital Assets and NFTs

One special characteristic of Web3 domains is non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which present options for brands to produce and sell digital assets. Brands can make NFTs to represent collectibles, virtual products, artwork, and other rare and distinctive digital assets. These NFTs can be purchased, sold, and exchanged on blockchain markets, opening up new revenue opportunities for brands.

NFTs give brands an additional means of rewarding their devoted patrons, generating engagement incentives, and offering benefits for startups/businesses to strengthen brand loyalty.

Loyalty and Tokenization Initiatives

With Web3 domains, brands can design their tokens, which they can use for loyalty programs, prizes, or incentives. To encourage consumer engagement and loyalty, brands might design tokens for ownership, access, or involvement in their ecosystem. 

The ability to trade or swap these tokens on blockchain markets offers some added benefits for startups/businesses regarding client retention and brand loyalty initiatives.

Decentralized Exchanges

Brands can use Web3 domains to build decentralized marketplaces that link vendors and buyers directly, eliminating the need for middlemen. Companies can use blockchain smart contracts to build transparent and safe marketplaces where consumers can exchange goods and services with one another. 


As India continues to be at the forefront of the web3 revolution, these domains empower customers and improve their bond with companies prepared to work with them in the market. Web3 domains impact how we interact with one another personally and how we conduct business. Over the coming years, web3 will drastically change how we perceive our online presence and credibility. 

Using blockchain technology and decentralization, Web3 offers several benefits for startups and businesses, such as increased security, transparency, efficiency, and financial inclusion. It is believed to significantly impact how financial systems and digital interactions will happen as startups and businesses continue to adopt this new technology with open arms.