Endless Domains Integrates Stripe Payments for ETH Domain Purchase

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Endless Domains is excited to announce the launch of our new product feature that seamlessly integrates Stripe payments, allowing you to buy web3 domains with credit cards and other bank cards. This integration streamlines the domain purchasing process and aims to remove points of friction that may have previously prevented some from joining the web3 revolution by acquiring their desired .ETH names.

The launch of this feature marks an important step forward in Endless Domains' mission to make .ETH domain purchasing accessible to mainstream users without compromising on security or decentralization. While requiring an Ethereum wallet for account setup will remain, the addition of the option to buy web3 domains with a credit card significantly lowers the barrier to entry. It will open the doors for many more individuals and businesses to stake their claim in the .ETH namespace.

The launch of Stripe payments is an important milestone in Endless Domains' journey to streamline the process of joining the decentralized web. By making small iterative improvements that lower the technical barriers ever so slightly, more people can buy web3 domains without wallets.

Over time, advances like these will encourage organic growth powered by mainstream usability rather than hype or speculation alone. The company remains committed to progressing in a thoughtful manner that maintains decentralization principles while expanding the potential user base via tested integration partners like Stripe.

This new domain purchasing feature marks progress on Endless Domains' mission to spread ownership and economic participation on the decentralized web. By removing payment friction, another piece falls into place to unlock the full promise of an open and equal digital future for all.

How To Buy?

1 - Go to https://endlessdomains.io/ and log in using your email ID and password, or opt for a quick login through your Google account.

2 - Search for the desired .eth domain name you're looking for; the system will generate a list of available domains along with their extensions.

3 - Choose your preferred domain name from the list and click on the "Add to Cart" button.

4 - Go to Cart and proceed with the purchase.

5 - Click on “Checkout” on the cart page. 

6 - Add your card details and click on “Submit Payment”.

So, here you have successfully purchased your .eth domain with your credit and debit cards. 

Boost Access and Adoption with Stripe Integrations

Integrating Stripe payments on the Endless Domains platform removes a major friction point for those looking to purchase an .ETH domain. By enabling consumers to complete purchases securely with their existing payment methods, Endless Domains makes owning a .ETH domain as easy as any other online purchase.

This innovation will boost accessibility and lower the barriers to entry that have held back wider adoption of Web3 technologies. With domain names being a foundational building block, easier acquisition through mainstream payment options can bring many more users into the decentralized web ecosystem.

It's an elegant solution that respects both developer preferences for open protocols and consumer preferences for familiar user experiences. As Endless Domains continues optimizing the process, we hope to see .ETH domains proliferate across Dapps, profiles, and digital assets of all kinds.

Market forces tend to favor the reduction of friction over time. This latest step meaningfully reduces friction for .ETH purchases. We're excited to watch participation grow as a result!